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Mayor urges TfL to scrap travelcard

Abigail McCann   May 4, 2023

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, has urged Transport for London to ditch its lower-cost Travelcard in a bid to replace revenue lost during the pandemic
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Image courtesy of  Hao Dong on Unsplash

The scrapping of the Day Travelcard would result in a price hike of up to 15% for commuters.


On April 18, Sadiq Khan proposed plans to consider the scrapping of the Day Travelcard. This favours the use of Oyster cards and contactless for underground travel and the mayor says it will help move towards paperless travel whilst generating over £40million extra revenue for TFL.


However, Essex commuters are unhappy about the proposed plan.


“Honestly the commute is already expensive enough so the hike will effect some people lots, especially in a cost-of-living crisis” says Amy Howar, who commutes in from Witham. “I am lucky that I do not not always have to travel far enough into the city for the tube cap price to affect me but for the days I do, this could be really pricey,” she continues.


Commuters travelling from Chelmsford could usually purchase a Day Travelcard which would allow for their travel to Liverpool Street and then further into the City centre to cost £33.50. However if the Travelcard is scrapped the journey to Liverpool Street would cost £25 for a return, and an additional £14.90 tube cap – totalling at £39.90.


The lucky few working around, or within walking distance of Liverpool Street will not necessarily feel the effect. But for those travelling to into the City, the introduction of tube fares to the daily commute will cause up to a 15% increase in costs.


At the moment the idea is only being explored but the Mayoral office as a response to the “devasting impact of the pandemic on TfL’s finances”, according to the TfL website. The discussion is open to the public here, with Engagement Officer Jaqueline Stevens accepting public opinions until May 23.


If approved, the decision will require six months’ notice to be given to the Transport Secretary before the scrap.

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