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Seasonal springtime sips

Abigail McCann   May 7, 2023

A rather brutal ranking of your favourite coffee shop's seasonal drinks
Lineup of coffees tried

Image courtesy of Abigail McCann

In order to walk into work even half-awake, one stop simply has to be made – the coffee shop. With spring in full swing, your favourite coffee shops are unveiling new limited-edition beverages to quench your coffee quest.  

Blank Street Coffee:


Coffee’s latest transatlantic import, Blank Street Coffee, provides all the classics, as well as some sweet new spring recipes. The NYC born coffee shop takes a fruity approach to its spring collection offering a strawberries and cream latte, floral violet lemonade or a blueberry matcha that provides the ultimate Instagram inspo.  

Blank street coffee blueberry matcha

Image courtesy of Abigail McCann

We opted for the blueberry matcha, and we are so glad we did. The sweet blueberry flavour perfectly complements the grassy bitterness flavour of the matcha, curating a perfectly fresh spring beverage. The flavours were neither too artificial or sweet, something typical of a fruit-infused drink, so we will definitely be going back to try the whole spring menu.

Influencer Milly Bolt, gained over 14k views on her TikTok of the aesthetically pleasing drink, she says, "It was my first time trying a flavoured matcha, after loving matcha for years, and it did not disappoint. It was the perfect balance of sweet but refreshing and will 100% be my go to drink for the spring and summer. Highly recommend."

A new kid on the coffee block, this one is not so easy to find but with a branch in Moorgate, it is worth the extra 10 minute walk.


Prices range from £3.65, with branches just a google maps search away.





Something Starbucks does very right is limited edition treats, and its springtime specials are a much-welcomed change to the usual latte. The star of the show is the new Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino, providing an ever-so-sweet nostalgic treat. 

Starbucks iced vanilla shaken espresso

Image courtesy of Abigail McCann

Another addition is an iteration of the existing Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso, the new Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Shaken Espresso. This is the caffeine kick we opted for on our taste test, and honestly, we’d give it a miss. The rather boring beverage is hard to distinguish from a regular latte and TBH it just tastes like an iced vanilla oat latte. With the brown sugar variant a fan favourite, hence its revival, we’d opt for that option. 


Prices range from £4.15. 




The nation’s favourite coffee shop brought in the sweets this spring, with its latest KitKat range. The chocolate covered wafer inspires a new line of hot/cold chocolate drinks, as well as a coffee infused mocha.

Costa KitKat hot chocolate

Image courtesy of Abigail McCann

A nice little extra is each drink in the range includes a Kit Kat bunny, which is the perfect dipping companion, but that is where the Kit Kat flavour ends I’m afraid. It is hard to distinguish from a typical costa hot chocolate, but I imagine avid Costa goers could maybe taste the wafery hints, but to the average tastebuds it’s a no from us. Unfortunately, or luckily depending on your perspective, the drinks are no longer available - they were limited edition until April 19. I would see this as a positive as you won't be tempted to waste your money on this incredibly mediocre drink.



Price ranges from £4.85. 

Café Nero:


To us Café Nero is the home of the flavoured coffee, and the latest flavours are the perfect mix of sweet and fruity options. The cherry iced latte, coconut and caramel iced latte, and our personal favourite the pistachio latte, which is arguably the best latte of all time.   

Cafe Nero tropical fro yo

Image courtesy of Abigail McCann

For a caffeine-free option the tropical fro-yo frappe provides a sweet treat. More dessert than drink, the yoghurt consistency requires more of a spoon than a straw so think of this as less refreshing and more filling. The flavours are good, but it’s a heavy-duty drink so maybe not the best for the pre-work thirst quencher. 




Price ranges from £4.05.

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