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The best self-tanner for eczema-prone skin

Abigail McCann   May 7, 2023

Meet the Norwich step-mum and son changing the game for inclusive fake tan
Cain and Lilli Gray with Glowjob

Image courtesy of  @grays_official_ on Instagram

It is known that fake tan and dry skin is simply a no-no, so for those suffering from skin conditions tan is off limits. This is why Norwich teenager Cain Gray, and step-mum Lilli Gray, took it upon themselves to revolutionise the tan industry with a new range of inclusive tans – for all skin types. Enter the iconic Gray’s Glowjob range.


Like many a small-business success story, Cain Gray’s entrepreneurial journey was exacerbated by the 2020 lockdown, after a humble start the year prior. “I knew I didn’t want to be an employee for someone else for the rest of my life,” he says. “I had a passion for makeup and particularly loved false strip lashes. With just £25 I purchased some lashes from Amazon and designed my own packaging to sell.”


After using social media, namely TikTok, to grow the brand, Gray found himself wanting to rebrand in 2022 – enter the help of step mum Lilli. Changing the name from Grays Lashes to Grays was just the first step to overhauling the brand’s image, which includes funny innuendos to bring the pair’s raunchy personalities into the product’s marketing.


Lilli Gray with Glowjob

Image courtesy of  @grays_official_ on Instagram

“Lilli has always loved tan and wanted to include it in the rebrand,” Gray says. After 10 months of development, Glowjob was born. “A lot of hard work went into the tan as I have had severe eczema my whole life, so it was important to get the tan right.” Sharing with fans on the brand’s TikTok, which has over 160k followers, Gray explains how he spend his childhood in bandages.  


The fake tan industry is yet to specifically market towards suffers of skin conditions, as the classic formulas will hold and stick to dryness. Fans have flooded the brand’s social media with overwhelmingly positive reviews for the innovative products with one user, @leah_noonex, saying “I can confirm this is the best tan ever if you have skin problems, I cannot live without it now.”


Similar comments flood the Grays TikTok account (@grays.official), another user, @cassiacrolla, adds, “Literally haven’t tanned in years because of eczema, this is a game changer.”

Gray prides himself on the positive feedback the brand receives saying, “We have received so many good reviews from people with psoriasis and eczema that love the tan and have changed their lives by being able to wear tan again and their skin not blow up into a rash.”

The Glowjob tan range, which released January 27, contains three game changing products for your tan routine. The first product in the collection, and first step in your new routine is the Keep It On Lock pre-tan moisturiser. The niche false tan-specific moisturiser is the key to combat patching or irritation that comes with dry, problematic skin.


The product, which retails at £12, is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E. Applying the moisturiser pre tan application creates a protective barrier between the tan and skin, to not only prevent tan sticking to dry patches, but prevent from further damage and soothe the already inflamed skin. The product isn’t just for problem skin, and is perfect for the knees and elbows and all other areas that always seem to cling onto tan.


Next in the range is the You Make Me Foam tan, £20, which comes in three shade options ranging from medium to extra dark. Foam tans are the OG when it comes to a trusty fake tan job. Forget all the new waters and drops, which make application hard and time consuming. What makes Grays’ tan a step above the rest is not only the eczema-friendly formula, but the signature Grays scent.

Full Glowjob range

Image courtesy of  @grays_official_ on Instagram

Us girls are fed up with stinking of burnt biscuits, and this light fruity strawberry scent leaves you smelling fresh rather than the usual sickly biscuit scent. The formula is non-sticky and takes around 6-8 hours to develop meaning it is an overnighter.


The final item of the range, and the brand's best-seller, is the Just A Quickie self-tanning spray, £20, that sold out in just 72 hours in the most recent restock on April 27. The instant spray and go tan can be used as both an extender for existing glow or on its own for a natural look. The nourishing ingredients carry throughout the range with Gray even recommending using the product as a hydration mist.


The entire range includes no parabens, no alcohol and is not tested on animals. The entirely brand, develops, manufactures, and designs the product in the UK, ensuring all products are eco and vegan friendly.

So whether an avid tanner or a previously exiled eczema sufferer, run don't walk to try your next tan obsession.


Shop the iconic products here.

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