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Curate the perfect home workspace

Abigail McCann   May 4, 2023

How adopting the practise of feng shui can help you to build the ultimate at home workspace for those out-of-office days
Alex Perry's illustration of workspace

Illustration courtesy of  Alex Perry 

With four new rail strikes announced for the end of May to June, it is clear many of us will be adopting the covid-effect and working from home once again.


In an April 2023 study, the UK government reported that 70% of those affected by the strikes, reported their work as being interrupted also.


Now when thinking of a home office, it is often synonymous with your dad’s off-limits study, but not all of us have that luxury. In a study conducted by us at City Girl Online, we found that 67% of our readers do not have a home office for those work-from-home days. When adopting the Chinese practise of feng shui, one can build the ultimate peaceful at-home workspace with just a desk.


Feng shui is all about the energy within our homes and making sure nothing can block positivity to flow throughout, whether that be clutter or furniture. Resident feng shui specialist on This Morning, and author, Kimberley Gallagher helps explain the practise, “Think of it in terms of good energy needing clear pathways around the house in order to be able to travel,” she says. And with work being the catalyst of negativity for many, curating the ultimate space to work from is just one way to boost productivity and ease tension when working from home.


With the help of feng shui experts, we have compiled the ultimate list of tips on how to make the most of your at-home workspace.

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 19.28.29.png

The practise of feng shui dates back to ancient China, referencing the arrangement of buildings, objects and space in order to achieve a harmonious balance of energy. Within Taoist history the energy flow is referred to as chi, a life force that inhabits all surroundings. The balance of Yin and Yang forces allows for positive chi to flow within our lives and keep negative chi away, and the arrangement of furniture is what allows the path for said chi. It is a practise that has been around for over four thousand years, restoring balance and peace into the homes of those who believe in and practise it.


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