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Founder Abigail with red bus
Founder Abigail walking

Photography by Imogen Berringtom

Our Story

I have always been proud to be an Essex girl. There is truly no better county, in my opinion. You are half an hour from London, the countryside and beaches all at once.


However when I moved to London for university I noticed that Essex pride does not extend beyond the county borders.

"You're from Essex? I can tell,"  said one peer, paired with a  patronising scan of my appearance - which at the time consisted of a full head of highlights, a baby pink mini skirt and enough Bondi Sands to tan the whole of Essex. It was the first of many experiences where I felt silly, small even, just for how I expressed myself.

TV shows like The Only Way is Essex and Love Island, where there is always a token Essex contestant, all promote a uniform caricature of Essex. Fake lips, Turkey teeth and two sandwiches shy of a picnic. This character has infiltrated into the dictionary books, with the very generic term of "Essex girl" being defined as a "derogatory term" by Oxford Languages, meaning "a brash, materialistic young woman of a type supposedly found in Essex or surrounding areas in the south-east of England."

How can a simple descriptor such as "Essex girl", literally meaning a girl from Essex, be derogatory?

In my opinion, the internalised misogyny of society encourages individuals to discourage women anyway, so when you slap the stereotype of Essex on her also, double whammy. Not only are you already lesser, within the patriarchy, but now you are fake and dumb also.

It is clear that as Essex girls we are so much more than the brash bimbos we are consistently painted to be. We are ambitious women who have careers, cultivate fulfilling relationships and live life to the fullest. But whose to say that can't be accessorised by a fresh set of acrylics and wispy Russian lashes. 

Here at City Girl Online, our aim is to showcase the best of our community, connecting all us Essex girls working in the City. Our content is specifically tailored to you, making it the perfect read for your daily commute into the big smoke.

Coming at you with the latest fashion, lifestyle and news, we have you covered on the latest trends so all you have got to worry about is making that 8:15am train.

Love from your fellow Essex girl, and City girl,

Abigail McCann

Founder of City Girl Online


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